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Siren · (917)426-0068 · New York Escort

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Curves, Crass, and Creativity...

Deliciously Diaphanous, Ridiculous Realness, and... Awesome Alliteration. ;)

Handsome Stranger,

I am Woman... an Elite Companion & Pleasure Artist.

I am educated, articulate, professional, and discrete.

As my name suggests, I am a Siren of the senses, a lure for your more beastly, sensual nature to come out and play...

I relish in pleasure, playfulness, fun, and luxury. I enjoy flirting, with just the right balance between sweetness and sass; yearning for that which one desires, with a sense that it is within reach; and the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from extending beyond ones comfort zone, in pursuit of a sweet carrot ahead.

~ 'It is not indulgent to be happy.' ~

By day, I teach various embodiment practices and study meditation. I enjoy physical movement & adventurous excursions; I lift, do yoga/partner yoga, and dance around the kitchen in my underwear. I enjoy feeling spent and well used. I am a lover of animals, especially if well trained or free-range. I love fine dining and am equally delighted if it's prepared for me at an upscale restaurant or if created in the home of good company, a dish from veggies grown in my garden (getting dirt under your nails is good for the soul). I love performance art, comedy, theatre, and music. I believe Vitamin T (touch) is a most essential nutrient for humans and I seek out a healthy daily dose. I enjoy being around people and find myself curious about them and how we connect.

By night I explore and enact adventures I've spent years fantasizing about. I'm told I excel at what I do because I absolutely love it.

I offer a solid, grounded container in which you can explore yourself in raw form: unlock your blocks to flow, befriend your shadows, and reclaim a pleasure-positive internal landscape. I am genuine, playful, real, and kind. I am skillful in connection, conversation, therapeutic touch, & levity. True Chemistry is priceless!

I love meeting new friends and I invite you to join me for private delights... at your place or mine. I am most interested in gentlemen who wish to establish a connection based in mutual respect, laughter, and generosity.

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