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Saskia Devon · New York Escort

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intelligent eye-candy

A Brief Q&A :

describe yourself in five words :
esoteric, stoic, ironical, ethereal, nymph

side of the bed ?
neither left nor right, more center and flexible

go to midnight snack ?
omelet with shaved nutmeg, arugula and fromage d'affinois

favorite word :

least favorite word :

morning bird or night owl ?
night owl - waking hours are for action, after hours are for reflection

candlelit dinner or room-service ?
candlelit dinner in bed

what sound or noise do you love ?
the sound footsteps make in freshly fallen snow

what sound or noise do you hate ?
anything that onomatopoetically resembles squishy

favorite male accoutrement :
hands down, a finely tailored suit

favorite female accoutrement :
a man in a finely tailored suit

what turns you on ?
being stroked

what turns you off ?


HAVING DECIDED LONG AGO TO CULTIVATE MY CURIOSITY … I judge very little and study quite a lot. A fabulous sounding-board and always game for a frisky match of rhetoric, I delight in providing a bit of humor, wit and charm to those precious moments best spent in good company.

DEVOTING MYSELF TO THOSE WITH WHOM I CAN CREATE A CONNECTION, I take trust and loyalty quite seriously as I want nothing but delicious experiences entre nous. I am fortunate to lead a challenging and rewarding life, one which has afforded me the opportunity to know and share a part of myself with incredible, brilliant, generous, lovely, remarkable people; a privilege I cherish and honour.

ORCHESTRATING MANY ASPIRATIONS IN LIFE; I am of the belief that one’s education should never end. My formal schooling has spanned three-continents and professional years have been just as varied. It is suffice to say that I have been fortuitous enough to try on many different lives. A dual-passport holder, I am well travelled and being the adventurous type, take pleasure in a myriad of pursuits and activities : from the esoteric to the intellectual to the physical and beyond.

GIVEN MY EXQUISITE HOURGLASS FIGURE AND SLENDER BALLERINA FORME, I am often asked how so many curves fit such a naturally delicate physique. It is said you can loose yourself in my dark eyes and long sable hair ... my creamy, silky skin is accented solely with several perfectly placed freckles; a hint of hinoki, bergamot and gardenia - whispering remnants of the essential oils that imbue the waters in which I bathe. I wear little to no makeup and like to fashion my hair in a contemporary loose version of the shimada style; preferring to let it down behind closed doors.

A COMPANION IN THE TRUEST SENSE OF THE WORD, I am the perfect accompaniment for repose from the day-to-day and journeys near or far. Although I am customarily engaged for longer lengths of time, I do offer shorter engagements for us to become better acquainted and for those chèrs amis who keep a demanding schedule and find it hard to slip away.

... If we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh, we first must become better acquainted ... envision a lighthearted rendez-vous, as though we're chèrs amis reconnecting after a very long departure. OUR FIRST ENCOUNTER REQUIRES BUT YOUR TIME AND GRACIOUS COMPANY. As I am especially mindful of those with whom I associate; a rendez-vous as such provides the perfect opportunity for us both to discover if the chemistry is right ...

ALLOW ME TO BE THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES, I make every effort to accommodate all requests for my time, particularly from mes chèrs amis. As I take great care and joy in preparation for each and every one of our encounters, please understand that I may only extend impromptu requests (generally speaking, less than a week out) to those with whom I have an established rapport.

SHOULD YOU BE SO INTRIGUED - sit back, relax and uncover my site : ukiyo dot nu, where you will find a few finer details, alongside my rates, etiquette and a handful of delightful treats.


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