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Tall busty blonde looking for an adventure

I'm Monica, named after the triple threat (Vitti, Bellucci and Lewinsky, obviously). I'm a grad student currently living in NYC. I've always related to that scene in Annie Hall where Woody Allen tells Annie, "You're polymorphously perverse. You get pleasure in every part of your body when I touch it... like the tip of your nose, and if I stroke your teeth or your kneecaps you get excited." Well, I'm Annie!

I'm driven by curiosity and lust. I'll try anything once (which has gotten me into some trouble, honestly). I love meeting new people and hearing new stories. I read a lot. I've lived on multiple continents. I'm attracted to intelligence and sophistication. Assuming that you're respectful and an all around cool guy, then I'm very excited to get to know you

Oh and I'm in mid 20s and 5'9''

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