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Margot Miyako · New York Escort

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Your exotic ingénue.

You found me…

The door opens and I pull you close, whispering something in your ear to make you smile with surprise or throw your head back with laughter. You look at my dancing hazel eyes and full lips- the way I move and talk it’s like I’ve known you forever.

I’m Margot, an easygoing California girl who grew up in the sun. I remember driving a little too fast down Highway 1 with the top down on my car, hair everywhere, and dancing a little too much on warm Malibu weekends.

A date with me is simplicity at its finest. From the minute we meet, to when we part. There is no second guessing, no headaches from interpreting cryptic words or actions, no convoluted social narrative. Only thought-provoking conversation and fun.

Reaching out to me is straightforward – Your full name, phone number, day and time you’d like to meet and any review board or verification handles you have will make for the start of a great email.

In addition, 2 provider references including their names, websites, emails and a short memory jogger with help with the screening process.

In lieu of the above I also can do discrete employment verification. Just ask me about it.

Whatever your choice, time spent with me will make you feel like you’re in the sun. Warm (& hot!), no formalities, no awkwardness- just relaxation. Something and someone you’ve known all your life …

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