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You walk into a bar and you see a pepite Asian standing alone with a glass of champagne. Her hair is dark and wavy. You can't help to notice her slender body, curvy derrière and mesmerizing eyes. Your gaze lock into hers.

She is walking up to you, your attention immediately runs through her sensuous dress, the way her hips swing with every strike, little details like her stilettos heels and warm smile.

She's suddenly in front of you:

"Mucho gusto, mi nombre es Lana Von Lauer"

You're confused, you're surprised, you're enchanted, and she laughs graciously.

Let me take you into an unforgettable journey ...

*If you're a new client you must allow me enough time to screen you properly and arrange an incall location if applicable. I need at least 6Hrs for outcalls and 12 Hrs for incalls.

*Please provide screening information in your introductory email or I will ignore it. Visit my website for availability

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