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Jade Wang · New York Escort

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Let us meet as amours, friends, and strangers.

When we meet, it will be like amours reunited after years spent apart. We'll fall into step fluidly. Rapid, fleeting thoughts keeping pace alongside limbs that seem to melt into each other, fold over each other, tangled until two may as well be one.

When we meet, it will be like old friends reconnecting from across the distance of two continents. We'll greet each other with a peck on the cheek, wrap our arms around each other, sink deep into the plush warmth of embrace. Taking comfort in someone who smells and feels and seems so familiar.

When we meet, it will be like strangers locking eyes from across a busy city street. Shoved along by fate until we bump into each other and look up and realize what has been missing all along. Innocent grazing touches, staccato speech and silence. Discovering for the first time the one who has always been there, hidden in plain sight.

So come and let us meet as amours, friends, and strangers.

Please Note: I cannot take same day/last minute appointment requests, and will not answer to emails that do not contain either necessary screening information or the screening/contact form found on my site. Please read through my site before contacting me.

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