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Ivy League Educated Sapiosexual and Asian Beauty Queen · New York Escort

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Hello there,

My name is Grace and I embody the perfect union of sensuality, passion and intellect.

I am deeply intuitive.
I am emphatically nurturing.
I have a profound gift of anticipating your needs before you ask for them to be fulfilled.
I am wickedly alluring.
I am that mystical unicorn.

I am fully (proud) Asian, second generation born and raised. I am tall and statuesque, with silky soft skin and a feminine yet athletic build due to a lifelong love and talent of sports, which culminated in a career as a Division I competitive rower in college. I am Ivy League educated in STEM disciplines (both undergrad and graduate), quite cultured, and versed in several languages. Undoubtedly, I could stimulate your mind in addition to exploring and fulfilling your sensual desires.

I chose to be a courtesan because I very much enjoy being a companion to refined lovers, as it is my life's extra bonus. Would you like to see me live up to that claim? Let's connect and make magic. I will be the indulgence that you deserve.

Would you like to learn more about me? Take a peek at my website and blog.

Hope to see you soon,

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