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Daphne Dubois · New York Escort

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Looking for partner in crime :-)

Sempre libera... "Always free, I frolic from joy to joy, flowing along the surface of life's path as I please. As the day is born or as the day dies, happily I turn to the new delights that make my spirit soar." (Violetta Valéry in the opera"La Traviata", by Giuseppe Verdi)

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Daphné Dubois. I'm a well traveled, educated and open minded artist, model and life explorer. I would love to make a special connection with a special soul!

I'm naturally creative, curious (my mom has always called me "brainy smurf"), outgoing, high energy, passionate, and compassionate.

My interests are (without particular order) ballet, rock climbing, martial arts, opera, music, astrophysics, biology, traveling. You'll find out when you meet me in person that I'm full of hidden treasures and surprises and that I'm a true Renaissance woman! A breath or fresh air ready to rock your world!

Physically, I'm 5'10 with a thin and very toned build, endless legs, fair perfect skin, short light brown hair, and beautiful smile, aiming to make you smile in return :-)

I'm based in Midtown west, New York City. Please read the details on my website before contacting me, espcially the "contact" section concering screening (I'll know if you didn't read it and may not answer you at all)...

I can't wait to meet you! :-D

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