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Sensual kinky vixen, intoxicating au naturale muse.

A paradoxical blend of classic femme fatale and doe-eyed doll, I catch your eye from the moment I set foot on the subway car. You first notice my collection of black line tattoos, which slowly lead your eyes down my petite but feminine body. You take note of my strong, shapely legs and perfectly round rear, and wonder what it would be like to hold it in your hands, give it a squeeze, or maybe even a spank. You wonder if I’d like that.

I would.

An unabashed hedonist and lover of kink & fetish, I slip just as easily into the role of pouty submissive as I do devious Domina. One of my specialties is incorporating elements of BDSM into more traditional encounters. Whether you’re new to the world of kink or are a seasoned player, I want to push you a little further, take our play deeper, and get to know you inside and out.

I relish diversity in partners and experiences, so if whips and chains aren’t your thing, I’m happy to craft a softer, sensual scene for the two of us. Or perhaps you crave a more relaxed, extended encounter? An indulgent dinner, a stroll through Chelsea galleries, or an upscale burlesque show to warm us up before retiring to our private quarters.

Whatever your pleasure, I would love to be your companion on this journey. Note that new friends must be screened through references and/or identity check. My safety, your privacy and our mutual respect are my highest priorities. I do not discriminate based on race/ethnicity, age, body type, disability, gender or orientation. All polite and generous suitors are welcome.

Until we meet,


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