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Aria Wilde · New York Escort

Updated: August 18, 2017

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Elegance with edge

Don’t let my coquettish blue eyes and sweetheart lips fool you – I have deep, dark fantasies. Beneath a firm hand, my soft ivory skin quickly blushes pink and radiates heat. You’ll find that nothing excites me more than a good, old-fashioned spanking.

As a Domme, I’m equal parts Princess and Femme Fatale, relishing in the dynamism of my bombshell body, from my sultry pout to my stiletto heels. “How far will you go for lust?” I may whisper, gently tracing your mouth with my fingertip... “How far will you go for me?” If you meet my demands, you will be generously rewarded…

No matter what your pleasure -- whether it’s truly depraved, purely sensual, or a sweet spot in between -- I will find it. My strength and fox-like feminine wiles are well played in power exchange scenarios, but just as apt for lovingly massaging you into utter relaxation. At the end of the day, I long to feel you melt.

Ivy league educated and well traveled, I exude class and elegance – even as I spill from the most brazen lingerie. In conversation, I’m complex and charmingly effervescent as my signature champagne cocktail. If brilliance and delicious wit turn you on, I’ll drive you wild. Likewise, if you can stimulate me intellectually and creatively, I’m yours. So let’s put our dirty minds together and reap what we can sow...


Aria Wilde

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