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Arabella Boxxer · (917)974-8382 · New York Escort

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Music Muse

I love the Arts…ESP music… anything from classical piano sonatas to technical metal ballads. I play piano, banjo, sitar, mandolin (the list goes on!), but I’m a lead and bass guitarist by nature. To pay the bills I am a K-7 school teacher, and after school I do a bit of fit modeling, artist modeling, and promotions so I can play music and travel, but I’ve never done “this” before! I feel fortunate and excited to be able to explore,express and enjoy the quiet flirtatious corners of my personality. It’s exciting to be so aware of one’s self and complexities and knowing what feeds each of them. I’m looking forward to beginning this journey with you. I am well educated and have a BA in music composition and psychology. I am also into massage, am a great though amateur masseuse, and I have bit of Nuru around too if you care for that! Thanks to an exceptional upbringing and a deep sense of curiosity and wanderlust I have a well battered and oft stamped passport…South East Asia, I love Bangkok! I am particularly fond of Germany and the Netherlands, and once spent eight weeks trying to understand fado in Lisbon, which is difficult if you don’t speak Portuguese lol. I love the Opera and am a regular at the music clubs. I am told I look Dutch-Irish because of my green eyes, fairness, freckles and height. My heritage and education are really Midwestern English American. I have good genes to thank for a flawless all-natural size 2 figure. I enjoy the out-of-doors and to be beneath the stars. I graduated from a Big 10 U and have done a bit of graduate work, but alas not enough to get another degree. My composition training is expensive at 800, but we’ll make fabulous music and lots of frisson.

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