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Alexandra Scott · New York Escort

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Beautiful, Intelligent and personable

My name is Alexandra and I’m a petite, gorgeous, raven-haired playmate and sensual smart-ass. Don’t worry, I won’t bite…hard ;). Since I’m cute, very open-minded and spontaneous I’m an excellent people pleaser who knows how to satiate your grandiose desires...leaving you with a huge smile. There’s never a dull moment in my life as I’m constantly interested in meeting new and exciting people.

I love to travel and I’ve lived and studied in Florence, Rome, Amsterdam, Ireland, Germany and Spain. However, my favorite place in the world is Panama. I’d set up camp under a palm tree, full of yummy coconuts, in a heartbeat if I could live on the deserted islands of San Blas off this country’s coast. I love to read and some of my favorite books are 1984, Brave New World, The Fountainhead in addition to anything to do with true crime and forensics. I also like to surf as long as the board doesn’t smack me in the face too often ;).

Did I mention I’m in grad school for psychology? Beauty and brains! I’m a curious babe with a love for learning, exploring and experimenting. I can be a bit mysterious and a tad mischievous. I’m also a dancer and choreographer who loves to create beautiful art with the use of only my body. I love animals and spend my spare time with my adorable puppy.

Finally, I can guarantee I’ll always make you laugh. I’m witty and sarcastic and you’ll love my stand-up comedy routine. All in all, I like to have fun and share my future experiences with someone equally thrilling!

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